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Failed Back Surgery Can Be Helped

If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain or a health problem that is unresponsive to medical care or home remedies, I urge you to try chiropractic care as millions of Americans do every year. We offer a free consultation to anyone who wants to talk about his or her condition. Simply bring your x-rays or MRI findings. Even if you've had chiropractic care in another office, I urge to come since not all chiropractors are the same. If you are skeptical, my book will change your mind with facts, not testimonials or hearsay stories.

Many people with failed back surgery often think they cannot be helped by a chiropractor, but that's not true and especially in my office. We specialize in these troublesome cases with our traditional care as well as the DRX9000 decompression, which is the missing link between traditional chiropractic care and spine surgery. The reason why many back surgeries fail is simply due to the fact that the spinal joints are still misaligned; in fact, many low back pain cases originate in the sacroiliac joints that do not even have a disc, so most surgeons ignore these joints.

If you've been diagnosed with a herniated or degenerated disc and surgery has been recommended, I urge you to wait until chiropractic care is given the opportunity to help you. Every international guideline on back pain now recommends chiropractic care before drugs, shots, or spine surgery. Even the North American Spine Society recommends spinal manipulation for 2 to 4 weeks before having a consultation with a surgeon. Sadly, most spine surgeons fail to mention this fact to their patients.

If our decompression table and traditional chiropractic care don't help you, I will refer you to a local neurosurgeon. In fact, there are five categories of patients who may need surgery: 1) fractures, 2) cancers, 3) serious infections, 4) true disc prolapses, and 5) those cases that simply don't respond to our care. But 90% of people don't need medical care for the commonplace "mechanical" back pain, which means there is a good chance we can help you. As my book shows, opioid drugs, epidural shots, and disc fusions have little if any support in the new research--they are risky, unnecessary, ineffective, addictive, and expensive. What works best is our brand of care--traditional spinal manipulation, decompression, massage therapy, and home spinal exercises.

Give our office a call for a private consultation. And in most cases, your insurance will cover our services.

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