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Failed Back Surgery Can Be Helped

If you or someone you know is experiencing back pain or a health problem that is unresponsive to medical care or home remedies, I urge you to try chiropractic care as millions of Americans do every year. We offer a free consultation to anyone who wants to talk about his or her condition. Simply bring your x-rays or MRI findings. Even if you've had chiropractic care in another office, I urge to come since not all chiropractors are the same. 

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Therapeutic Manual Care

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Where Science and Nature Unite

Not all Chiropractors are the same.

"Dr. Smith is truly passionate about what he does"

Therapeutic Manual Care is a natural complimentary service to Chiropractic Care. Our lisenced therapist will help you to relax and release built up tension in your body. 

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This non surgical Spinal Decompression system helps to eliminate debilitating pain associated with Degenerative Disc Disease, sciatica pain, and herniated/bulging discs, by gently decompressing spinal discs. The process allows disc space to naturally hydrate and regenerate.

Pump the disc back up. 

-Sandra Peck

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